Maggie Beer Products
マギービアー プロダクツ

Company Overview

From humble beginnings in the heart of the pristine Barossa Valley in South Australia, Maggie Beer Products combines premium ingredients with artisanal Australian craftsmanship to create beautifully flavoured products that are loved by people far and wide. Maggie Beer Products extensive range of delicious cooking essentials and moreish treats have exquisite flavour, utilising 100% natural, sustainably produced and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

From indulgent jams and caramels to Maggie’s famous fruit pastes and verjuice, our range of iconic Australian products allow you to cook with ease and confidence. Each product places beautiful, robust flavour and quality ingredients above all else, and uses beautiful regional Australian produce wherever possible to make each product sing.

“It’s always about the flavour!” – Maggie Beer


南オーストラリア州の長い歴史を持つバロッサバレーの中心地から、マギービアー社は プレミアムな食材と職人の技を組み合わせ、世界中の人に愛されている質の高い味わいをもつ商品を作っています。商品は調理に必要なものからより味わいを深めるものまで幅広く、絶妙な風味を備えており、原材料は100%自然なものにこだわり、可能な限り地元産で持続可能なものを使用しています。


Product Overview

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is at its peak the moment the olives are crushed. It can be used to poach salmon, drizzled on pasta or as a base for a salad dressing. A good olive oil is often all that’s needed to turn an ordinary dish into an extraordinary one.

Maggie Beer Aged Red Wine Vinegar brings together the best of quality Australian wine and traditional European processing methods. The developed and mature flavour comes from the fact that it’s aged in old oak barrels.

Jam Packed Gift Pack : A good homemade jam is a quintessential part of a country cook’s repertoire. This glorious gift is ideal for lovers of all things sweet and indulgent. Treat someone special with this trio containing Seville Marmalade, Burnt Fig Jam, and Raspberry & Pomegranate Jam. Your favourite dessert will be even more lavish with a burst of seasonal fruit.




ギフトパック(ジャム): 良質なジャムはカントリースタイル料理のレパートリーのなかで典型的なものです。この豪華なギフトパックは甘く贅沢なものすべての愛好家にとって理想的です。このギフトパックにはセビリアマーマレード(Seville Marmalade),イチジクジャム(Burnt Fig Jam),ラズベリー&ザクロジャム(Raspberry & Pomegranate Jam)が含まれております。これらの商品を使用すれば、皆様の好きなデザートはより贅沢なものになるでしょう。

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Belinda Caillard
ベリンダ カイヤード

Export Manager

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