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Company Overview

Kangaroo Island Oats was formed in 2018 with our first harvest in November 2018 and first milling in May 2019. All of our high  quality premium oats are grown on the pristine Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. We produce both Rolled and Quick oats for the retail and food service industry.

Kangaroo Island Oats are distributed throughout South Australia and Western Australia. We are currently commencing distribution into Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland also. Internationally we have recently filled a small order to a Japanese customer. We are on the menu at a number of restaurants, hotels and other accommodation places.

Kangaroo Island Oats grow and mill a new oat variety called ‘Kowari’. This oat is higher in Betaglucan which has increased health benefits and can amongst other things, help in lowering cholesterol. Kangaroo Island Oats is the only company in Australia that is able to offer this variety exclusively. Kangaroo Island oats are also single origin, GM free and we know exactly where and how our oats have been grown and harvested.


カンガルーオーツ社は2018年に設立されました。最初の収穫が2018年11月、最初の 製粉が2019年5月です。当社の高品質オーツ麦は、南オーストラリア州カンガルー島の手つかずの自然の中で栽培されています。当社ではロールドオーツとクイックオーツを 生産しており、小売り向け及び業務用パックがあります。




Product Overview

Rolled and Quick oats in both the 450g and 900g retail packs. We also have both rolled and quick oats in 15kg bags if interested.
Increased health benefits to the consumer as well as the knowledge of knowing exactly where the oats are being grown and harvested.
With crisp clean branding our product will appeal to customers both on the shelf and within their home.


健康に対する意識の高まりととものオーツ麦がどのような環境で栽培され収穫されるのか消費者の興味も高まっています。クリーンなイメージを持つ当社の商品は、小売りでも 業務用でもこのような消費者の期待に応えることの出来る商品です。

Contact Details 連絡先

Contact name: 国内連絡先 (日本食品流通株式会社)
Email: [email protected]
住所: 横浜市 西区 中央 2-41-3
電話: 0455 349 796
Fax: 0455 947 126

Contact name: 現地連絡先 (カンガルーアイランドオーツ社)
Stephen Morgan  スティーブン モーガン
Director ディレクター
Email: [email protected]

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