Australian Native Food Co.
オーストラリアン ネイティブ フード

Company Overview

Australian Native Food Co is a South Australian based family owned business that creates the opportunity to experience the unique and memorable aromas and flavours of Australian native ingredients.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit by creating brighter futures through a connection with native products.


オーストラリアン ネイティブ フード社は南オーストラリア州に拠点をおく家族経営の会社です。オーストラリアのネイティブ食材を使用したユニークで記憶に残る味や香りを楽しんで頂ける商品を製造しております。

私どものミッションはネイティブ食材を通じて明るい未来を創造することにより、人々の スピリッツに活力を与えることです

Product Overview

We have created a product range that showcases the diversity of Australian native ingredients.

Our original line of Jams & Marmalades has grown to include native dukkah, relish and mint jelly. We offer native aromas in candles and diffuser scents, add Australian native flavours to cooking with herbs and rubs, instant enjoyment of vegan chocolates and the incredible health benefits from our huge range of Wild Harvested Native Tea.

We are very proud of our products and their origins. We enjoy being able to share knowledge and the story of our passionate farmers and suppliers.

Continually sourcing new Australian native ingredients and exploring new ways of using them, we take pride in sharing where we have sourced our ingredients and how each product has been created.



ジャム及びマーマレードの商品ラインアップにはネイティブ食材のデュカ、レリッシュ、 ミントゼリーの商品もあります。ネイティブ食材を使用したアロマキャンドルやデフューザーも取り揃えています。




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Rebecca Paris
レベッカ パリス

Managing Director & Creator

Email: [email protected]

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