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Cultural understanding of export markets

Culture profoundly influences how people think, communicate, and behave. International business interacts not only across borders, but across cultures. This makes cultural understanding a central facet of international business. This report focuses on the Hofstede model of national culture which consists of six dimensions, and serves as a general guide to understanding cultural differences and how this influences business practices in various export markets.

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Halal Certification Guide

Halal Certification GuideThis report provides an overview to exporters on the halal certification process, through a consolidation of relevant information from various sources. It includes an overview of the halal certification process, certification challenges and a list of various accreditation and certification bodies which businesses can contact directly.

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USA Market Scoping Study

Distribution clustering

Distribution Clustering:
A Discussion Paper for the South Australian Food and Beverage Industry
This discussion paper examines distribution clustering, providing insights into success factors for effective clusters and a discussion of limitations influencing cluster development for the South Australian food and beverage industry.

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Food South Australia is an independent, industry-led and membership-based organisation representing South Australian food and beverage manufacturing companies. Our mission is to support and sustain the South Australian food and beverage industry. Food South Australia also hosts the South Australian Premier’s Food and Beverage Industry Awards program, Eat Local SA, and manages the I Choose SA campaign for the food and beverage sector in South Australia.

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